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BAM A+ Backpack For Hightech Case - Black

  • Precio: 208.00 USD
  • Fabricante: Bam
  • Marca: A+
  • Instrument: Viola, Violín
  • Color: Negro
  • # Producto: CA1215N

  • BAM A+ Backpack For Hightech Case - Black de Bam.

This Black Bam A+ Backpack is the ultimate add-on for your Bam hightech violin case. The perfect addition for carrying sheet music, keys, a mobile phone, tablet, chargers, headphones, laptop, a music stand, clothing, drink bottles and more.

Approximately 39x27x20cm in size with 2 large pockets.

  • Subway Handle
  • Side Handle
  • 2 removable backpack straps
  • 4 adjustment straps
  • Case fastening system

This backpack can be used with all Bam Hightech Violin cases (Oblong and Contoured). It can also be used with Bam Hightech Contoured Viola Cases.

Peso aproximado: 1 kg(s) / 2.2 lb(s)

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BAM A+ Backpack For Hightech Case - Black

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