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Helping Parents Practice Vol. 1

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  • Autor: Sprunger, Edmund
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  • ISBN: 0976785439
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This book is a response to the most common concerns of parents who practice a musical instrument with their children: Why won't my child listen to me when I give the exact same directions the teacher gave? How do I know if my son has the interest and discipline to continue? Should we switch to a different instrument? Does my daughter need a more 'challenging' piece? Should we switch teachers? My daughter is the Bulldozer Queen - why does she act as though she can't wait to be finished - doesn't she enjoy playing? How do I get my son to play slowly and accurately - to a 'standard of excellence' - instead of quickly and sloppily, especially in review pieces? Can you recommend some games to make practice more fun?

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Helping Parents Practice Vol. 1
Helping Parents Practice Vol. 1Helping Parents Practice Vol. 1

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