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Cello Playing is Easy Part 1: Warm-ups

  • Precio: 33.36 USD
  • Instrument: Violonchelo
  • Instrumentación: Métodos para violonchelo
  • Sub Category: Métodos, estudios, escalas y partes orquestales para violonchelo
  • Autor: Carey, Tanya L.
  • Compositor: Carey, Tanya L.
  • ISBN: 9780979405303
  • # Producto: CAREY002

The first of a five book series that will guide the emerging cellist through a daily journey of cello discovery, with the end result of producing a fine cellist! Warm-ups covers three areas - Body, Sound and Pitch. Each has a series of concepts and exercises presented in a clear and well-illustrated format.

Table of Contents:
Body "The Foundation of Movement"
Sound "The Voice"
Pitch "The Tricks for the Monkey"
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Cello Playing is Easy Part 1: Warm-ups
Cello Playing is Easy Part 1: Warm-upsCello Playing is Easy Part 1: Warm-ups

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