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Passing the Music Down

  • Precio: 17.62 USD
  • Autor: Sullivan, Sarah
  • Editora: Penguin Group
  • ISBN: 9780763637538
  • # Producto: SULLI016

  • Passing the Music Down publicado por Penguin Group.

A young boy travels to the hills of Appalachia to meet the old-time fiddle player whose music he has admired, and so sparks a friendship that will forge a bond between generations. The boy develops under the man’s care and instruction, just as seedlings grow with spring rain and summer sun. From playing on the front porch to performing at folk festivals, the two carry on the tradition of passing the music down. This touching, lyrical story, inspired by the lives of renowned fiddlers Melvin Wine and Jake Krack, includes an author’s note and suggested resources for learning about the musicians and the music they love

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Passing the Music Down

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