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My First Classical Music Book

  • Precio: 12.43 USD
  • Autor: Helsby, Genevieve
  • Editora: NAXOS Historical
  • ISBN: 9781843791188
  • # Producto: NAXOS086

  • My First Classical Music Book publicado por NAXOS Historical.

This vibrant book, with over sixty pages of amusing illustrations and a bonus audio CD, offers young children a supreme introduction to classical music.

My First Classical Music Book is a delightfully colourful introduction to classical music, designed to fire the imagination of children aged 5-7 years. Readers are asked to think about the different places in which we might hear music. Then, each of the major composers and musical instrument families are introduced and brought to life in a vivid and enchanting way.

Throughout the book, children are referred to the accompanying audio CD so that they can hear examples as they read. This is the most exceptional book of its kind, providing an absorbing experience for both eyes and ears.

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My First Classical Music Book

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