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Listen to the Birds - Storybook & Music CD

  • Precio: 16.78 USD
  • Compositor: Various
  • Editora: The Secret Mountain
  • Redactor: Gerhard, Ana
  • ISBN: 9782923163895
  • # Producto: GERHA001

  • Listen to the Birds - Storybook & Music CD publicado por The Secret Mountain.

    An Introduction to Classical Music.

Works by Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi and others introduce children to classical music through the discovery of the melodious similarities between notes porduced by instruments such as the flute, the organ and the harpsichord and the birds songs.

Listen to the Birds is a Storybook with a Musical CD containing twenty excerpts from differenct recordings performed by world-class luminaries including the London Symphony Orchestra, the Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Toronto Chamber Orchestra. Birds have caught the imagination of composers and inspired their creativity.

1. The Goldfinch, Vivaldi
2. La Primavera, Vivaldi
3. The Song of the Birds, Janequin
4. Melancholy, Rautavaara
5. The Bird (Peter and the Wolf), Prokofiev
6. Hens and Roosters (The Carnival of the Animals), Saint-Saëns
7. Aviary (The Carnival of the Animals), Saint Saëns
8. The Swan (The Carnival of the Animals), Saint-Saëns
9. Dance of the Swans (Swan Lake), Tchaikovsky
10. Song for the Lark (The Seasons - Album for Children), Tchaikovsky
11. The Lark Ascending, Williams
12. Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks, Mussorgsky
13. Toccata Con Lo Scherzo Del Cucco, Pasquini
14. The Cuckoo and the Nightingale, Handel
15. The Robin, Messiaen
16. Papageno and Papagena (The Magic Flute), Mozart
17. Piano Concerto No 17, Mozart
18. The Raven, Schubert
19. Dance of the Firebird, Stravinsky
20. Toy Symphony, Mozart

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Listen to the Birds - Storybook & Music CD
Listen to the Birds - Storybook & Music CD

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