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Cecilia Signature Formula Violin Rosin

  • Precio: 45.00 USD
  • Fabricante: Cremona In America
  • Marca: Signature
  • Instrument: Violín
  • # Producto: RACSF10

The Cecilia Signature Formula Violin Rosin is the new flagship formula of CECILIA Rosin Collection which provides a unique bowing sensation when in contact with the string and a clearly defined reaction.

This rosin is the most significant new development for the most demanding musicians that works well with a small amount on a wide range of repertoire. It helps the bow to create rich, full and expressive tones without excessive bite.

Comes with a Rosin spreader, a new essential device to enhance the quality of your playing experience. It thoroughly settles the rosin particles between the strands of bow hair after the first application, evenly distributes rosin particles on the bow hair after every application and removes excessive rosin on the hair.

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Cecilia Signature Formula Violin Rosin
Cecilia Signature Formula Violin RosinCecilia Signature Formula Violin Rosin

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