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Wittner ISNY Shoulder Rest - Other Chinrests - 4/4-3/4

  • Precio: 59.22 USD
  • Fabricante: Wittner
  • Marca: Isny
  • Instrument: Viola, Violín
  • Tamaño: 4/4-3/4
  • # Producto: PWI114

The Wittner ISNY Shoulder Rest for Violin& Viola is an ergonomically designed shoulder rest to be used with all other chin-rest brands other than Wittner.

It has a free-floating design and as the shoulder rest doesn't touch the bottom of the instrument, there are no muting effects or loss of sound. The ISNY shoulder rest is central mounted, ultra-light, hypoallergenic and has universal adjustment possibilies. After the intial setting, the shoulder rest stays in the same position when remounting it.

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Wittner ISNY Shoulder Rest - Other Chinrests - 4/4-3/4

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