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Concerto en La mineur, Op. 129

  • Precio: 46.77 USD
  • Instrument: Violonchelo
  • Sub Category: Violonchelo y piano
  • Compositor: Schumann, Robert
  • Editora: Salabert Editions
  • Redactor: Bardon, Marcel
  • Publisher Code: 19654s
  • ISBN: M048001916
  • # Producto: SCHUM047

  • Concerto en La mineur, Op. 129 publicado por Salabert Editions.

Piano Reduction
Edition of work by Marcel Bardon on annotations of André Navarra

André Navarra (1911-1988) was the most famous French cellist of his generation, and the most influential cello teacher in Europe. A stand-out student of Navarra, Marcel Bardon has created this new edition of the Schumann Concerto for Cello based on Navarra's teaching of the piece, including specific coaching and interpretation commentary. This deluxe edition includes new music engravings of the solo cello part with piano (an orchestral reduction). In the cello part, Navarra's editorial markings appear in bright blue, in contrast to the black-notes of the original score. The package is completed with an excellent piano accompaniment, recorded by Hélène Desmoulin.

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Concerto en La mineur, Op. 129
Concerto en La mineur, Op. 129Concerto en La mineur, Op. 129

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