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Andrea Solo Viola Rosin

  • Precio: 33.76 USD
  • Instrument: Viola
  • # Producto: RA2PS

Andrea Solo Rosin is the result of years of tireless research by the celebrated Korean Violinist and Violinmaker Andrea Bang.

Mr. Bang's interest in rosin began 1978 after discovering a piece of rosin in an antique violin case dated 1699. After using the rosin, and being amazed at its extraordinary quality of tone and feel, he began his research to derive the formula of its manufacture. Three years later, after having traveled the Mediterranean region to locate sources for the ingredients, the redesigned formula for the rosin was perfected.

For nearly 20 years this rosin was not sold, only given to a privileged few such as winners of international violin competitions.


  • silky tone
  • faster response from string
  • strong grip
  • less dust
  • transparent changes in bow direction
  • humidity resistant

Andrea Solo Viola Rosin has now been rebranded as Cecilia Solo Viola Rosin. Click here to purchase.

From 2020, all premium rosins from Cremona in America will be made under the name "Cecilia" in honor of Andrea Bang's mother who passed away in 2019.

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Andrea Solo Viola Rosin

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