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20 Etudes for Violoncello, Op. 11

  • Precio: 19.18 USD
  • Instrument: Violonchelo
  • Instrumentación: Estudios para violonchelo
  • Sub Category: Métodos, estudios, escalas y partes orquestales para violonchelo
  • Compositor: Merk, Joseph
  • Editora: Bärenreiter
  • Redactor: Rummel, Martin
  • ISBN: 9790006534951
  • Grado RCM: TS
  • # Producto: MERK004

On the heels of his successful cello etude publications of Popper, Duport , Grützmacher and Lee, Martin Rummel has focused his pedagogical skills on the important op. 11 etudes by Josef Merk (1795-1852). Merk was one of the most influential cellists of the first half of the 19th century enjoying the admiration of Beethoven, Schubert and Chopin. The op. 11 etudes dedicated to Schubert have remained a classic of violoncello instruction through to today.

The editor Martin Rummel has based his new edition of the op. 11 etudes on the first edition published by the Viennese company Haslinger .

The editor has sparingly added fingerings, bow strokes and slurs indicating them editorially so players can immediately see the textural alterations.

- Only modern edition of the studies
- Clear reader friendly layout
- Large 24,3 x 31 cm format
- Valuable performance tips (Ger/Eng)

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20 Etudes for Violoncello, Op. 11
20 Etudes for Violoncello, Op. 11

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