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All the Pretty Little Horses

  • Precio: 41.29 USD
  • Instrument: String Orquesta
  • Sub Category: Orquesta de cuerdas
  • Editora: Alfred Publishing Company, Inc.
  • Redactor: Gruselle, Carrie Lane
  • Publisher Code: 24950
  • # Producto: GRUSE018

  • All the Pretty Little Horses publicado por Alfred Publishing Company, Inc..

This traditional American lullaby has a simple, yet captivating melody. Set securely in the Aeolian mode (natural minor), its rainbow-like phrase begins with upward jumps, and then ends with relaxing downward scale steps. In this arrangement of "All The Pretty Little Horses", the environment of the gentle lullaby is occasionally infused with a restless tension that moves into a region set with a swaying Latin feel. Opportunities for improvised or composed student solos are provided in this section. Printed solos are provided in the viola and first violin parts. Position work is required in the first violin, cello, bass, and the solo viola. "Hush-a-bye, don't you cry, Go to sleepy little baby. When you wake you shall have, All the pretty little horses."

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All the Pretty Little Horses
All the Pretty Little Horses

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