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Crescendo Cello Case - 3/4 - Red

  • Price: 364.14 USD
  • Brand: Crescendo
  • Instrument: Cello
  • Size: 3/4
  • Colour: Red
  • Product #: CA34353S

The Crescendo cello case is lightweight and offers excellent protection at a very affordable price. Being the only hard cello case available in smaller sizes, this is a great option for advanced younger players with fine instruments and bows, or for a little added protection for any small instrument.

This case is excellent for cellists looking to protect any type of cello from the rigors of everyday city travel.

Available in sizes from 1/8 - 4/4


  • Low profile spring loaded latches
  • Recessed wheels (optional)
  • Leather handles
  • Weather-proof male-female seal
  • Full instrument suspension
  • Scroll loop
  • Velcro neck restraint

This case comfortably fits cellos that do not exceed the following dimensions:

  • Size: 3/4
  • Overall Length (without endpin): 113cm
  • Length of Back: 70cm
  • Upper Bout: 34cm
  • Lower Bout: 44cm

Approximate weight: 5 kg(s) / 11 lb(s)

Limited quantity available at this time.

Please email to see if we have any more information about its availability.

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Crescendo Cello Case - 3/4 - Red
Crescendo Cello Case - 3/4 - RedCrescendo Cello Case - 3/4 - Red

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