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Korg TM-60C - Black - With Contact Mic

  • Price: 37.94 USD
  • Manufacturer: Korg
  • Product #: MT71NC

The Korg TM-60C is the newest Combo Tuner Metronome and features a larger display that can show the tuner and metronome simultaneously. It also includes the CM200 Contact Mic. The battery life has also been dramatically improved. With the all-new TM-60, you’ll be able to enjoy pitch training and rhythm training without having to switch functions or be concerned with battery life.

No longer will you have to switch between functions; you’ll be able to use practicing techniques that are idiomatic to orchestral instruments, such as keeping a consistent pitch over the course of a long note while varying the tone to add vibrato in time with the tempo, or checking the pitch of chords while using the metronome.

The tuner offers a wide tuning range for use with most instruments. The digital cent indication offers accuracy and the high-precision LCD needle and LED guidelights clearly show pitch deviation and tempo. The metronome offers a variety of rhythmic patterns and a tap tempo function. The TM-60C is also capable of producing a full chromatic scale of reference tones for audible tuning and ear training.

Other Features:

  • The display is approximately 1.3 times the size of the previous model (TM-50), allowing the tuner and metronome to be shown simultaneously.
  • Needle-type meter with excellent response
  • Wide detection range from C1 to C8
  • Marks that indicate pure major and minor third intervals
  • The Sound Out function produces a reference tone in a three-octave range from the built-in speaker
  • Sound Back mode generates the reference tone that’s closest to your input pitch
  • Enhanced ease of use with a newly designed stand and battery compartment cover
  • Memory Backup and Auto Power Off
  • 15 rhythm variations let you practice with a broad range of musical styles
  • Large LCD with backlight brightness that’s adjustable over two levels for enhanced visibility
  • Input jack and headphone jack

  • A wide tempo range of 30-252 beats/minute
  • Dynamic speaker
  • Power supply: Two AAA batteries (included)
  • Battery life: Tuner approx 130 hrs; Metronome approx 50 hrs
  • Dimensions: 11.31W) x 1.8(H) x 7.4(D) cm
  • Weight: 100g (including batteries)


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Korg TM-60C - Black - With Contact Mic
Korg TM-60C - Black - With Contact Mic

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